Media X Group (MXG) focus is to grow vertical markets through innovative web portals in energy, automotive, and social networking. We have developed online tools that help make connections in industries.

Connecting Buyers with Suppliers

Connecting buyers with suppliers in vertical markets can be achieved through our advanced Buyers Guide platform. Searching the World Wide Web is difficult and vast enough that it can make the simplest search a pain staking long task. Focusing your equipment searches on an industry portal where qualified suppliers are organized and filtered per your industry standards, create efficiencies in your searches. Adding communication tools that can actually help you get-to-know your customers, forms business relationships.

Connecting Employers / Recruiters with Job Seekers

It is not easy to find qualified candidates in specialized industries. MXG has developed recruiting tools that help locate the heavily sought after passive candidate. Through our industry focused resources and news portals, we attract daily industry professionals that might not be actively looking for work but could be curious about the latest job opportunities in his/her industry. We help make these connections by integrating communication tools with our job boards and resume database applications.

We have only begun to tap our premium domain brands. We are very excited about the future.